Jewelry Repair

Do you have a piece of jewelry that is beginning to look worn or needs a repair? At Joyeria Koras, our jewelry repair service is given by master goldsmiths, so you can be sure that your jewelry is in great hands. Gems that is worn frequently, is liable to normal wear and tear. It’s a good idea to have your jewelry inspected periodically, so it can be repaired as quickly as possible, to avoid the requirement for additionally repair work and to keep your jewelry in great condition.

Gold, silver, and platinum can become scratched or damaged, precious stones can be chipped and pearls can show wear. The presence of your jewelry is likewise affected by contact with cleansers, chlorine and cosmetics products.

At Joyeria Koras, we set the sparkle back into your jewelry. A piece of fine jewelry should look fabulous, and at our jewelry repair shop we can restore any item to its previous radiance. In a rush? Need your jewelry repair done quickly? We’re open from Thursday through Tuesday, so whether you have a broken chain, need a new clasp for your necklace or adjustments made to a ring, Joyeria Koras in Phoenix, Arizona, is the place for a quick fix.